Monday, January 1, 2007

New Again

It's January first, the day we reset our annual clocks and vow that we start over with a clean slate. We promise to eat better and less, to exercise faithfully and more. We will stop smoking, start school, clean the closet, find a new job.

To me, the new year is not so much a time to review the past or set ground rules for the future as it is a time to assess, to take stock. Where am I on this road of life? Have I stayed the course (not likely) or have a wandered a bit askew (more likely)? Should I make a course correction? Maybe I like this new course better.

Life is a trail blazed with milestones - birth, love, death are but three. This past year, I passed a significant personal milestone when I completed coursework for an MBA (I will "walk" in May). That's a big milestone, one I've watched coming closer for four years, and I am glad to have passed it. But often we don't know an event qualifies as a milestone until it is past, and then it is too late to change how we react or carry ourselves. How sad to have our negative actions come to mind every time we recall something that became a milestone in our personal history.

I guess that means we - I mean "I" - should start treating every day, every person with whom I have contact, every minute as if it will someday mean something special. It means I should consider my words before speaking them. It means I should comport myself as if my mother is watching. And it makes me think that the Golden Rule we were taught as children is spot-on as a saying by which to live my life.

I'm not a resolution maker by nature, but I hereby resolve to live each day as if I know it is my last, to love my family and friends deeply and to let them know it, and to enjoy all of the milestones of my life as they happen, never looking back in regret.

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