Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Life Found at Auto Show

There's something about an auto show that brings out the hope and wonder in a person. The men in my life are driving to Detroit this morning to visit the big one - Cleveland's auto show later on simply cannot be compared to Detroit's - and to dream.

Oh, the glamour, the excitement, the music, the pretty women...oh, yeah, and the vehicles! It's been decades since I visited the Detroit auto show. I remember seeing futuristic concept cars and wondering when we would get to drive them. Usually, never. A few cars made it from the show floor/drawing board to the streets (think DeLorean), but generally the concept cars were displayed as an attraction. Kind of like the old freakshows at the circus.

I'm not much of a car fashionista. When I find a car I like that "fits" me, I will drive it until it crumbles. My husband, on the other hand, gets fidgety after driving a car for a couple of years. He starts to grumble about what is wrong with the vehicle and then starts ogling other cars with lust. There should be a commandment against this!

Once, we got a new vehicle, a Dodge minivan, that I was supposed to drive. He was driving an older K car at the time, so you can imagine the whining! (No offense, dear, but it's true.) Finally I handed over the keys to the pretty new minivan, swapping cars to keep the peace. =sigh=

Me? I drive a new Ford Escape, but it's not "my" car. "My" car is a four-year-old PT Cruiser. The car fits me like a glove, with a seat that's high enough that I don't feel like I'm sitting on the floor and have to pull myself up and out, but not so high I have to climb up onto the seat. It has 75,000 miles on it, so when I took a job that requires a 100-mile daily commute, dear hubby insisted that I needed "more reliable" wheels. So we bought what can only be described as "his" car - a burnt orange Escape with a sunroof (definitely a "him" requirement). He gets to drive it for long trips and weekends, and I have to clamber up into the seat for my daily commute. I'd be very comfortable doing my daily drive in the Cruiser, but c'est la vie.

So he's off to the auto show with our son. I'm making him leave the checkbook home. Read my lips - no more new cars! At least not today.

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