Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On My Way, Wrong or Write

Well, I've finally gone and done it. I started writing my book. Whoa. That sounds so strange. I write every day, but a book! Of course, I only have a few pages written, I already hate them, and I've already rewritten - twice - but nonetheless, I am writing A BOOK! phew!

The feeling of weight - of responsibility - is incredible. When I write a manual or letter or speech, it's short and to the point, maybe clever and witty, and almost always inconsequential in the long term. But a book is a legacy. If well-written and accepted for publishing, a book becomes a concrete means of documenting my existence, if not my talent. If not written well and/or not embraced by the publishing world, it is still a work of many hours, anxiety, and devotion.

Either way, I have begun the arduous process. It is hard to carve out the time needed to write. I tend to write on my lunch hour, a cup of yogurt or half a sandwich at my elbow as I type, then delete, sentences. And each time I save my work to my thumb drive, I feel a sense of satisfaction. It's not as if this is the best I have ever written - at least, not yet - but there is a feeling of accomplishment.

Talk to me in a year, though. I'll be I'm either tired of the effort and disappointed in what I have accomplished or I'll be pressing on to finish, eager for the next steps. The latter is usually how I approach my life, but who knows? Let's agree to check back in next year at this time and see what's done.

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John Ettorre said...

Congratulations, Connie. Now that you've publicly proclaimed it, you'll have that much more added reason to push yourself to do it. I think if you have the discipline to finish an MBA, you'll surely find enough to finish this book. And remember that in the end, we tend to only write what we need to write, more than want to (for most adults, needs are so much stronger than mere desires). I sense that you need to do this, and so you will.