Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Temporary Daughter

I have a son - 23 years old, dangerously handsome, wickedly funny, amazingly intelligent, and still single. I thought our family was complete and perfect. Then a few weeks ago my niece, Emily, moved in for the semester as she completes an internship in the area. Now I have a daughter, for the time being, and it's great!

Emily is 24 years old and about to graduate with a degree in Communications...hmmmm, just like me. She's bubbly and excited about life in general, which keeps my mood light. She's outgoing and friendly, generous with her time and anything else she has to give. She's also naturally blond and athletic - my antithesis.

Suddenly I have someone to do things with. For instance, shopping. I've never shopped for sport, as do some of my friends. Find something that fits, buy two. Otherwise, shopping for clothing is a chore - so few things fit me, a short, stubby woman with actual curves.

However, I can smell a bargain! So I've been hitting the sales, dragging Em along with me. It's been fun to find things for her. We have similar tastes, unlike her mother and sister. I encourage her to try fun styles, like gauchos and boots. It's fun, too, to have someone with whom to share the thrill of the hunt - like when I scored turquoise lace-trimmed camisoles, in our sizes, for $4 each. We high-fived and made plans to return for more bargains. My husband, on the other hand, says, "That's nice," but is probably thinking, "And did you really need another camisole?"

Emily also met a young man her first week here, the son of a co-worker. They hit it off immediately and are virtually inseparable. And although I'm not her mom, I find myself working hard not to give unsolicited advice and cautions. Of course, I'll have to face my sister at some point, so I'd better keep tabs on the relationship. Well, we all have to make our mistakes and find our own way in life. Auntie will be there with a shoulder to cry on and a new sale to hit if/when things turn sour.

So I find I like being an Auntie/mom figure. I'll be sad when Em goes home to her "real" family. But she's already talking about moving to this area after graduation, so maybe I'll have a longer-term temporary daughter. What fun!

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