Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mothers' Day Musings

Dear Mom,

Thanks for all the great stuff! I love the hair - all curly and dark. I could use more of it, but I suspect that was Dad's fault. The blue eyes - my husband loves them! Great choice!

Oh, and all the freckles! Nothing like freckles to make a person seem approachable and down-homey.

Thank you for my sense of humor. It's gotten me through some tough times. Ditto for the quick wits and improvizational skills. Who knew?

Thanks for bringing me into a generation in which women can achieve more than your generation ever believed possible. Thanks for letting me try and fail as often as try and succeed. Thanks for being my example of strength, femininity, playfulness, and common sense, all rolled into one.

Thanks for letting me see that you're not perfect. That makes it easier to admit and to bear my own imperfections. And thank you for seeing me as perfect, when I know I'm not but I like hearing you say it.

Thanks for being there whenever I needed you, even if I got so busy with my own life I forgot to call or write. Now that I have a grown son, I see how hard it must have been for you to go so long between phone calls.

Life is busy, but that's okay. You'd still be my mom if life was boring, or leisurely, or frantic. So thanks for everything. I love you.