Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mom's Little Boy Is All Growed-Up

Nothing makes you feel older than watching your offspring become adults. Nothing makes you feel better, either. My son, Frank, recently started his career after graduating and passing the state engineering exam. This past weekend he moved into his own apartment (second floor, no elevator). I'm achy but I feel like we've given him a good start. Here's how:
  • Education - Frank chose his school, Case Western Reserve University, based on several factors, not the least of which was the strong academic scholarship offer he received. He applied himself and while not everything was to his satisfaction, overall it was a solid and rewarding experience.
  • Opportunity - We always tried to be sure our son had the chance to try anything (a) in which he had an interest and (b) we could afford. The experiences included travel, music, sports, cooking and sewing, even reading scripture at our 20th anniversary renewal of vows ceremony. Every experience in life adds to the person you become.
  • Responsibility - We've tried not to rescue our kid (too often) and made sure he understood the concept of personal responsibility. We know too many people who won't take responsibility for their lives and/or actions - our child will not be one of them!
  • Humor - What's the point of slogging through life with no fun? (You are hereby authorized to break into song - "Always look on the bright side of life...") Frank is a funny guy who appreciates many types of humor, but not at the expense of others.

So what? So he has turned into a young man with whom I would want to be friends if he were not already related to me. He likes our adult friends, he's kind to animals, enjoys cooking, reads science fiction (like his dad), runs to stay in shape even though he doesn't enjoy it.

I'm bragging, but - this is my blog and I can use it to promote my kid if I want! If you don't like it, get your own blog! I look at my son - my adult son - and remember...his birth...toddler giggles...frustration over trying to learn to read...learning to tie shoes left-handed... Scouting...early band concerts...agonizing in the stands as he took and gave hits on the football field...soccer games...driving lessons...first accident...awards banquets...graduation parties...

I also recall that when I was his age, I was getting married, had a high school education and a low-paying dead-end job. On the one hand, I feel very old at this moment...but on the other hand, I see myself in his eyes and mind, and I feel young again. Now I'm tearing up and have to stop writing until I can see the screen again.