Monday, October 22, 2007


Recently I attended the IABC Heritage Region Conference in the Cincinnati area, October 14-16. IABC - International Association of Business Communicators - is a great networking organization for anyone who is responsible for communication at any type of organization. Many of our members are self-employed while others are in various aspects of organizational communication.

The conference was literally packed with informative sessions. I learned how to podcast, how to build my own social networking site with Ning, how to better manage communications overload, why my organization should "let go" and let our customers help shape our communications, and why I should become accredited.

The professional accreditation of Accredited Business Communicator, or ABC, is one thing that will set me apart from my non-initialed peers. The process is rigorous - 4-1/2 hours of written and oral exams and a peer review of your work - and must be approached seriously. I have decided to prepare to take the exam next October at the regional conference in Connecticut.

I'm a test agonizer. I fret and worry and sweat until I'm a complete mess before exams. Then I pass and swear I'll never do that again. Hah!

Accreditation is the next step for my personal and professional development. I'm actually getting excited - selecting the two work samples that will represent my entire career will be the biggest challenge. I have an idea of the projects I'll submit, but I have to start putting things in writing, fleshing out details and making sure I have everything.

The test will be tough, too. There don't appear to be black-and-white answers; much is subjective. But one thing at a time, I guess. Plenty of time to panic.

Me, ABC. Kind of has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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