Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Memories

For our families, Christmas is a special time. Okay, that was so-o-o-o cliche! But we love Christmas - we tend to over-everything at this time of year. My husband's mom was famous for overindulging her grandchildren and decorating anything that wasn't moving. My husband loves to turn out the lights and watch the Christmas tree - he says the lights twinkle when you squint your eyes.

And me - Christmas is an annual milestone in our life journey. It sounds mundane to say that the day simply marks the passage of time, but that's not how I mean it. I can track events in our lives by the Christmases we celebrated.

When our son was a year or two old, we dressed him in a new camoflage outfit at Christmas, and my dad, Papa, convinced him that no one could see him because he blended with the scenery. I think that was the year I made my mom a red velour robe with feather boa trim. Oo-la-la!

One Christmas, Grandma Joann gave our son a two-seater tricycle. Of course, we had to assemble it. We were up til two or three in the morning. He wanted a baby sister that year. Instead he got a "My Little Sister" doll - nearly life-size. Grandma Joann also gave him a "My Little Buddy" boy doll - our son tried to throw him in the trash. He REALLY wanted a sister!

For years, my husband and I shared our gifts Christmas Eve, after our son went to bed, so that Christmas morning was all about our son. When he grew up, we started sharing our gifts on Christmas day, too. And it felt odd, at first.

This is the first Christmas that our son will not be here when we awaken on Christmas morning. We have a family tradition - children receive Christmas Eve gifts of new pajamas, so that their Christmas morning photos show them in pretty new clothes. I called our son to suggest Dad and I could drop off his Christmas Eve gift on Sunday, December 23. He said, gently, "Mom, it's okay. I'll get it when I come over on Christmas day." **sigh**

Time passes. Christmases happen each year, and each year we get older, our children become adults and have children, and traditions evolve. What Christmas memories will our children's children have? What traditions will they carry on? what new traditions will our children establish for their children? And why am I talking in questions?

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. And may all your dreams be as brilliant when you awake as when you sleep. cj

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