Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year, but Old Questions

Today is January 1, 2008. I'm not much of a resolution-maker. Instead I think about things - lots of different things - and wonder about them. Why they are the way they are, why don't they work better, why don't we change things.

Like...chenille sweaters. Chenille sweaters are a failed idea. I know, chenille is soft and cuddly and warm, especially a micro-fiber chenille. On the flip side, though, they shed incessantly on everything. I can't wear one to a nice restaurant, because it leaves fur on the tablecloth and chair back. I can't wear it in the car, because it leaves fur on the seats, doors, and seat belt, ensuring I will enjoy chenille fuzz on all my other clothing.

I can't wear it to work because of the fine coat of fur it leaves on my office chair, to be transferred to my back every day for the rest of the month. Plus I will have had to wear it in the car to get to work (see previous paragraph).

Wash a chenille sweater often enough and you may succeed in defuzzing it. However, doing so strips the sweater of its capacity to warm the body, leaving holes and weakening the strands. So just throw it away.

Did I mention I love sweaters? Recently I set up a series of wire cubes for storage, then sorted all my sweaters by style (cardigan or pullover) and by color. Even after pulling out a number of sweaters for donation to charity, I counted between 50 and 60 sweaters.I know, no one needs 60 sweaters. My son says I can't possibly wear them all in a season, but he forgets that (a) we live in an area with a very long sweater season, and (b) I'm a woman who is often chilly.

A great sweater will be thick, soft and cozy, with a loose fit, arms that are roomy and long, but not so long i have to roll them back, and a v-neck or loose turtleneck. It can be wool or acrylic, but washable (not shrinkable) is best. And no chenille!

Color - hmmm. Until I sorted and filed my collection recently, I didn't realize just how many red sweaters I have. I think I'll be branching out to different colors soon. In fact, I don't even own a black sweater...yet.

Now I'm a bit chilly, having removed my only (and last) chenille sweater. I'm going to defuzz my turtleneck, then snuggle into a great non-chenille sweater for the evening. We'll spend the rest of New Year's day nibbling snacks, eating leftover pasta for dinner, and watching football. New Year's can be a great holiday, can't it? Happy 2008!