Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maintaining my point of view

Another summer is almost over. A summer full of trips, weddings, parties, food, wine. You may know that I am dieting. My goal for the summer has been to maintain the weight I worked so hard to lose.

I've done it! for the past 12 weeks or so, I have managed to maintain my weight loss, yet still enjoy the parties, food and wine. Now that life is returning to "normal," I hope to settle back into my diet routine and continue losing.

Why is it so hard to stay faithful to a diet plan? Why do I feel deprived and resentful - or even obsessed - if I don't have the cake or sangria or nachos? I wish I knew. Not that knowing would change my behavior, of course.

Last night I ate two - count 'em, two! - pieces of wedding cake. I have no idea why. So...back on the wagon. Tomorrow is a new day, and I start over every day. I just finished reading a memoir of a medical intern. A woman whose husband died, leaving her alone and sorrowful, offered the author some advice that I think is profound. Often, people will say "Live like it's your last day" or "Live like you are dying" - meant to inspire us to look at life with new eyes.

Her advice was, "Live like it's your first day." Every day is new - a fresh start. I like it.

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