Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Got scholarships?

One of my responsibilities as vice-president of the Cleveland chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) involves giving money away. What could be better?

IABC Cleveland each year hosts the Future Vision Award – a scholarship and internship offered to a communications student in Northeast Ohio. Let me tell you about this great program.

Each year we open the competition to local communications college students. Eligible students are those

  • Whose permanent address is in Northeast Ohio, attend any accredited four-year college or university OR
  • Attend an accredited four-year college or university located in Northeast Ohio AND
  • Are either sophomores or juniors in a communications degree program

Interested students complete an application that includes answering a hypothetical question. The question is a basic communications-related question about a hypothetical but realistic work situation. Students must also submit a letter of reference from a professor, academic advisor or business person.

For their troubles, the students get a chance at a $2,000 scholarship plus work experience. IABC Cleveland has a relationship with a local non-profit agency that provides an internship over the summer of 2010 – good, honest, actual work experience that not only prepares the intern for the work he or she will do after graduation but looks great on a resume.

Who do you know that could benefit from the Future Vision Award scholarship? Send us your students, your kids, your neighbor’s kids (providing they meet the eligibility criteria). Just have them visit http://www.iacbcleveland.com/ soon. The deadline for entries is Friday, February 26, 2010.

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John Ettorre said...

I'll certainly keep this in the back of my mind, Connie. Thanks for posting this, and I hope you have a great trip out west.