Sunday, September 5, 2010

These are tears of joy, really!

Today my son married his sweetheart. I watched with pride as he and the pastor strode down the walk, under the trees and brilliant sunshine, to take his new bride's hand and begin the next great adventure together. I held it together (thanks to waterproof mascara). It was magical.

Surrounded by their best friends and two extended families, my son and daughter-in-law celebrated in style. They thought of everything, including biodegradable confetti. Vases filled with fresh peaches were fragrant centerpieces, and guests were encouraged to use the handy paper sacks to take one or two home with them.

Strings of photos graced the mantle - snapshots of their separate lives, darling children, on one string, then a record of the time since their worlds intersected. Okay, I may have shed a tear or two here, too.

My husband and I laughed, danced, hugged and kissed our way through an exquisite evening, and two families merged. What a joy to know my boy has found love, with such a wonderful woman. Today I gained a daughter. I've always wanted a daughter [pause for more tears].

I danced...a lot. My old feet are cranky and creaky now, but so what. My son and I danced together. I might have cried again here. You got a problem with that?

I know this isn't my best writing. It's probably due to the tears now in my eyes, and the lump in my throat. This post isn't my best work, but today's events were the result of some of my best work ever. We raised him and sent him out into the world, and he came back to share his joy with us. I'm the happiest person on earth tonight. And I'm still crying. Thanks for letting me share my joy with you. 

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