Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to cram ten pounds of potatoes into a five-pound sack

Let me start by saying that I am delighted. My wonderful husband of thirty years is now living with me. In the same city. In the same apartment. I'm going to pause and savor this.

Now, the tricky part: how to combine the contents of a 1700-square foot house and an 1100-square foot apartment into a 1200-square foot condo. I keep doing the math, but...

What, exactly, am I willing to live without? While I like to think that I am a person of simple needs, the reality is that I own wa-a-ay too many clothes and shoes.

I've been going through my wardrobe with a critical eye. Like many women, I have fairly complete wardrobes in several sizes. This makes it tough to pare down, because there are favorite items in each size. If something is too small, I think that soon I will lose weight (again) and be able to wear the slacks/dress/swimsuit. If something is too large -- never mind, that never happens.

At present I am having a bit of success in culling out the too-small items for donation to charity. Next: divide the wardrobe into warm and cool weather and pack away the out-of-season clothing into storage. This is also tough, since we all know that we might need the shorts, tank tops and flip flops in March for that spontaneous trip to [select one: Vegas, Hawaii, Jamaica], and there's always a week of unseasonably cold weather in June. Still, I can do this.

I am more successful paring down my kitchen. I will give away the mismatched, barely serviceable pots and pans I picked up at second-hand shops for the apartment and return to using the good stuff - no problem there. The new place has more kitchen than anything else, so I just know I'm going to be very happy!

Actually, I'm looking forward to downsizing. The question is whether I can keep from upsizing again. The answer is...doubtful.

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