Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yes. It's cold.

It's cold. It's February in Chicago, and it's cold.

Even my hot flashes are only lukewarm.

I can't keep up with filling the humidifier, the heater runs 'round the clock, and my skin is so dry it hurts.

It's cold, and it's been cold for what feels like a long time.

Okay. That's better. I'm over it. Thanks for letting me whine a bit.

Now then, what else is going on? I've been staying busy making pasta, reading, even watching the Olympics (a bit). Oooh, there's a good rant.

I'm patriotic - I love this country and cheer for our Olympians, but I feel cheated with the NBC coverage of these winter games from Sochi.

Prime time coverage seems to be limited to a few sports: hockey, snowboarding and skating. I'm also disappointed that NBC focuses almost exclusively on U.S. athletes. I was watching an event earlier this week, and as soon as it became clear that the U.S. athlete was not going to win, coverage ended and the network moved on. Wait! What about the winner? I'd like to see more!

What I don't need more of are interviews (as entertaining as Bob Costas is when he looks like he's been poked in both eyes with a sharp stick). Sports! Give me more sports - and all of it, not just what your girlfriend wants to see!

=pant= Sorry. I'm a bit out of breath with all this ranting. Boy - I wish I was in charge of Olympic programming at NBC. They must have hours of unused footage. It's a shame not to use it. I'm probably in the minority, though. Their demographic research probably shows that most people want to see highlights only, and that highlights means Team U.S.A, rivalries and big upsets.

I like an underdog and I like to know that other countries, even if they have only a few athletes present, get a chance at a few minutes of stardom too. 

That's all. But it's still cold.