Friday, February 13, 2015

A sneak peek at the new IABC

LI, Orlando, FL - Past IEB chair Robin McCasland and taskforce chair Priya Bates unveiled the new IABC brand. Not final, mind you, but due to launch in April, with a big splash at World Conference in June. 

Background: interviews revealed that IABC is perceived as old-fashioned, slow, closed, unfocused, not advocating for the profession, and not "proactively international enough." Our opportunities: need to be open, accessible, light, contemporary and professional.

The team put a lot of energy into discovery and development of our shared values: global professionalism, creating connection, diverse community, and insights and results. They worked with a design firm (I will get the name and publish it) who did the brand work pro bono. We asked for something that's "not so North American," works across the globe, is innovative, dynamic and professional, and allows for freedom within a framework. The result is above (sorry for the fuzziness).

New logo and old side-by-side
There will be a lot of flexibility for use of the logo. Guidelines will be supplied in an orientation kit. Watch for the launch in April 2015, with orientation and the big splash in June at World Conference in San Francisco.

The crowd at Leadership Institute was very receptive. More to come!

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