Saturday, February 14, 2015

Add value for independent communicators and for IABC members as a whole

LI, Orlando, FL--Part One: Chapters will sometimes support special interest groups (SIGs) to accommodate or attract different types of members or attendees. IABC San Francisco established the Independent Communicators' Roundtable (ICR).

Presenters cited research that 43 percent of workers will be self-employed (didn't catch year-sorry). The ICR caters to independents (but is not exclusive to them). Here's how they do it:
  • ICR meets monthly, getting about 12 to 20 people; not all are IABC members.
  • They have two distinct meeting times and places, alternating each month: an end-of-day meeting in San Francisco and a lunch meeting in Oakland.
  • The simple format is low-stress for the organizers: start with a "go-round" in which each person gets 30 to 60 seconds to introduce themselves, then have a 20-minute presentation followed by a Q&A session. 
  • They used to charge $10; now they are free (attendees responsible for their own refreshments).
  • IABC has gained some new members through ICR, and the networking has yielded jobs and contract work, so there is benefit to all.
  • ICR surveys members for topics of interest.
Part Two: IABC chair Russell Grossman presented the organization's achievements against 2014-17 strategy:
  1. Launched new website in December, with further enhancements coming in March.
  2. Raised unbudgeted revenue; the board set a target of raising $190,000 but actually raised $230,000.
  3. Tidied up governance of the association.
IABC's market value:
Our Chapters & Regions 


Communications Profession
(~85,000 potential for revenue and reputation)


(the only communications association focused on business)


Global Context
(the only communications association that is truly global)

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