Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pre-blizzard mental meanderings

This winter has been so disappointing for a snow baby like me. As of yesterday, I think our snowfall was nearly five inches below normal, and most of it from light snowfall--an inch here, half an inch there. After the huge hoopla of the NYC non-blizzard, the weather forecasters (or weather guessers, as my dad calls them) are decidedly lower-key about today's forecast for Chicago. Yesterday, we heard that we'll get a lot of snow today. 

Last night, the Weather Channel put up a "winter weather advisory" that became a "winter storm warning." By 3 a.m., when I was up trolling the channels due to a bout of insomnia, it had changed to a "blizzard warning."  I got up and looked out the window. There, in the park below me, was...a dusting. Back to the TV--yep, it says "blizzard."

I shook my head and found something else to watch. Slowly I became aware of an irregular ticking sound--frozen precipitation hitting the window. Very fine, very light, but as time went on, snow began to fall in earnest--again, very soft and light; not large flakes. Nothing obvious--look out the window and you'll see what looks like a mist or fog. That's snow.

It's been falling steadily for four hours. But wait...there's more! The "blizzard" part of the weather prediction doesn't actually start until this afternoon. Perfect--I'll have time to go out for breakfast before being snow-bound.

Finally! Snow!

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